*13 Apgujeong·Cheongdam-dong

Most Interesting Districts
Sixteen of Seoul's Most Interesting Districts

*To experience the city's ancient history, traditions, cuisine and trendy culture, a visit to these 16 areas is a good place to start.

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1 Apgujeong-dong Rodeo Street

The street is packed with luxury brand stores and related gods. From mega shopping malls that sell luxury goods to outlets of luxury brands, used luxury goods shops and luxury goods repair shops, there is everything about luxury goods in this area, making it the essential shopping destination of trendsetters.

1-1 The Galleria Luxury Hall

Weekdays 10:30-20:00,
Weekends 10:30-20:30

2 Cheongdam-dong street

This street is filled with studios, showrooms and shops of leading designers as well as beauty shops and wedding shops frequented by famous stars, and thus draws keen attention from trendsetters. It is also lined with global luxury brand shops.

3 Dosan Park

This park was built in commemoration of Ahn Chang-ho, an independence activist during the Japanese colonial period. There are flagship stores of leading global brands, designer shops and cafes around the park, and filming of movies and TV dramas often taken places here.

4 Space*C

This is an art and culture complex on the theme of cosmetics established by Coreana Cosmetics. It comprises Coreana Cosmetic Museum, Coreana Art Museum, which introduces contemporary art, Museum Cafe, a beauty shop, etc. It is popular among women because they can watch exhibitions while enhancing their beauty.
Apr-Oct: 10:00-19:00,
Nov-Mar: 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Sundays)

[Multi Shops]

There are various types of multi shops in Apgujeong-dong and Cheongdam-dong area, from those that deal with selected popular brand goods and designer clothes to those that run a cafe, gallery, restaurant and shop at the same time.

- Visit luxury brand shops. You can buy newly released items as well as rare Asian limited editions.
- Go to a salon that stars frequent and get your hair done in the latest style.

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