*10 Dongdaemun Market

Most Interesting Districts
Sixteen of Seoul's Most Interesting Districts

*To experience the city's ancient history, traditions, cuisine and trendy culture, a visit to these 16 areas is a good place to start.

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1 Heunginjimun (Gate)

National Treasure No.1, this eastern gate among the eight gates of Seoul is also called Dongdaemun (Great East Gate). The Fortress walls were destroyed long ago, but the gate remains the same as in the Joseon dynasty retaining its magnificent beauty.

2 Dongdaemun Design Plaza

This is a place where you can witness various aspects of Seoul, which has been selected as a UNESCO Creative City for Design. It is under construction based on the design by a leading global architect, Zaha Hadid, and is scheduled to open in Spring 2014. Visitors can view th entire process of the project from design to construction at DDP Information Center.
10:00-21:00 (closed on holidays)

3 Pyounghwa Clothing Market

This is a clothing wholesale market with a 50-year history. Its long history is demonstrated by the market's large size and countless number of items. There are more than 2000 shops in the market selling underwear, socks, men's clothes, women's clothes, etc. at wholesale prices. 22:00-18:00 the following day. (excluding saturdays)

4 Dongdaemun Shopping Complex

This is the world's largest market of fabrics and clothing materials. It is well known as the place where you can buy the newest fabrics in Korea. Four buildings are packed with over 4300 shops, where fabrics, clothing materials, accessories, blankets and hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) are sold. Visitors can buy high-quality hanbok or have them tailor-made at reasonable prices.

5 Apparel Malls

These shopping malls present different fashion items - women's clothing, men's clothing, fashion items - on different floors. There are several shopping malls of this kind in the Dongdaemun area, each with a distinctive mood and items; thus, visitors can find and visit shopping malls that suit their tastes.

5-1 Doota 10:30-05:00 am. (Closed on Sundays)djssl

5-2 Migliore 11:00-23:30 (Closed on Mondays)

5-3 hello apm 10:20-05:00 am. (Closed on Tuesdays)

- Buy stylish clothes made with high-quality fabric at reasonable prices in Dongdaemun Fashion Town.

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