*08 Hongik Univ·Sangsu Area

Most Interesting Districts
Sixteen of Seoul's Most Interesting Districts

*To experience the city's ancient history, traditions, cuisine and trendy culture, a visit to these 16 areas is a good place to start.

[ Authorship-Korea Tourism Organization ]

1 Hongdae Street

Hongik Univ. is famous for its College of Fine Arts, and this is one of the reasons why a street for young people with their unique tastes was created in this area. It is filled with clothes shops, accessory shops, clubs and theaters, so you can enjoy shopping, entertainment and culture. At night, performances of amateur bands are often held in the playgrounds or vacant lots.

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1-1 Hongdae Free Market

An art market held at Hongdae Playground each Saturday.
Mar-Nov Saturdays 13:00-18:00

1-2 Picasso Street

Lined with distinctive shops designed for university students and young people, and is a popular filming location for TV dramas.

1-3 Wall Painting Street

A street where you can see wall paintings by students at the College of Fine Arts in Hongik University

2 Sangsu-dong Cafe Street

The street is filled with trendy cafes decorated bsed on different individual concepts. There are a wide variety of cafes, including coffee bars where coffee beans are roasted on the spot and dessert cafes that serve tasty sweet deserts.

3 Hongdae's Clubs

The Hongdae area is widely known as the mecca of club culture in Seoul. There are various clubs such as dance clubs where you can get into the rhythms of exciting music and dance as well as live performance clubs that offer music of different genres from jazz to indie band music. Most of these clubs can be visited in casual clothe such as jeans and sneakers.

3-1 Club Street

A street packed with various clubs from dance to live performance clubs.

4 Seonyudo Park

4 Seonyudo Park It takes only 45 minutes to walk from Hongdae Street to arrive at Seonyudo Park and take a stroll around it. The park is an ecological park created by reusing the facilities of a closed water purification plant, and is widely known to have been used as a filming location for the TV drama Iris. By crossing Seonyugyo bridge in the park, visitors can reach Mangwon Hangang Park.
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- Experience unique cafes including a pet dog cafe, comic book cafe and wedding dress cafe.
- Go to a club and enjoy dancing, live performances and DJ shows.

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