*04 Insa-dong

Most Interesting Districts
Sixteen of Seoul's Most Interesting Districts

*To experience the city's ancient history, traditions, cuisine and trendy culture, a visit to these 16 areas is a good place to start.

[ Authorship-Korea Tourism Organization ]

1 Insa-dong street

This is a street of Korean traditional culture with antique arts and book shops, traditional teahouses and craft shops. it is one of Seoul`s leading gallery streets and has been the location of many art galleries since olden times.

1-1 Insa-dong Information Center

Mon.-Fri. 09:30-18:30, Sat.09:30-18:00, Sun.10:00-18:00

1-2 Insa Art Center


2 Unhyeongung(Palace)

This was the private residence of Heungseon Daewongun, father of Emperor Gojong(1852~1919). Temporary exhibitions on traditional culture and events such as the royal costume experience program are held each month.
Apr-Oct. 09:00-19:00 Nov-Mar. 09:00-18:00(Closed on Mondays)

3 Jogyesa(Temple)

This is a temple representing Korean Buddhism. It offers a temple life program for foreigners. On Buddha`s Birthday, the Lotus Lantern Festival is held in the Jongno and Insa-dong areas with Jogyesa(Temple) as the starting point of the parade.

4 Bosingak(Belfry)

During the Joseon Period, the hours of the day were announced here by tolling the bell. This practice from the past is reenacted daily, even to this day. A bell-tolling ceremony is held on January 1st to mark the new year.
Bell-tolling ceremony 11:00-12:20(Closed on Mondays)

[Traditional Handicraft Shops]

Various cute household items and traditional handicrafts are must-buys in Insa-dong. It is quite fun to find so many different kinds of items. Ssamzie-gil, where design goods reinterpreting tradition in modern ways are sold, is highly popular.

[Traditional Korean Dishes and Traditional Teahouses]

There are a lot of teahouses in original Korean-style houses and hanjeongsik(Korean traditional set menus) restaurants with traditional interiors in Insa-dong. Snack carts selling temple food and time-honored snacks including kkultarae(honey skein) and tteok(rice cake) on the streets add to the unique atmosphere of the area.

- Buy various souvenirs including antiques, hanbok(Korean Traditional clothes) and traditional handicrafts such as mobile phone charms and jewelry boxes.
- Try traditional tea and hanjeongsik(Korean Traditional set menus). It will help you taste the flavor of the country`s traditional cuisine.

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