TOUR - 32-1 : Quest for East Coast 1N2D Tour
07:00 ~ 17:00
Available Every day
(Mid. of Mar. ~ End of Nov.)

Reservation in advance at least 3 days before
(1 month before in peak-season)

* Weekdays

KRW 340,000 p/p (min. 3 person)
KRW 310,000 p/p (more than 5 person)
Child (Age 4~10) : KRW 310,000 p/p
* In case of 2 person : KRW 430,000 p/p

* Weekend / Holidays / Peak-season

Additional charge - KRW 30,000 p/p

Child (age 4~10) : KRW 320,000 p/p

  - Peak-season :

24th Apr. ~ 25th May / 24th Jul. ~ 16th Aug. /

25th Sep. ~ 31st Oct.

Tour guide, Transportation, Hotel, Admission fee, Breakfast (Hotel), Lunch, Railbike Ticket
1st day :
Hotel(Seoul) - Rest in Highway - Gyeongpodae Pavillion - Gyeongpoho Lake Park -
- Chodang Sundubu(watery Tofu) Village - Lunch - Ojukheon House - Hwanseongul Cave -
- (Dinner) - Hotel check-in(Samcheok)

2nd day :
Breakfast - Samcheok Ocean Railbike - Jeongdongjin Sunrise Park - Jeongdongjin Beach - Lunch -
- to Seoul - Hotel(Seoul)
** This tour is group joined tour.
** Lunch - Available for Vegetarian, Muslim etc.
** Dinner - Excluded but the guide will inform you of restaurant.
** Restaurant is subject to the local condition.
** Deposit : 50% of total amount might be made in advance through Paypal.
** Balance : 50% of total amount can be made by cash or credit card on the 1st tour day.
** Cancellation is available until 7 days before, after then deposit is no refundable.
** If Samcheok Ocean Railbike is not available, take Jeongseon Railbike.
** Please wear comfortable shoes (outdoor shoes).
Information of Tourist Attraction
Gyeongpodae Pavillion
Gyeongpodae is famous for the view of the moon on the 15th day of the first lunar month, and is located 6 km north from the center of Gangneung. It is a large, tall pavilion, and its architectural feature- a “paljak” roof, is the most common form used in Korean buildings. It has been designated as Regional Cultural Asset No. 6. Its structure is divided into 6 sections in the front, and 5 sections at the side, with 28 pillars surrounding the pavillion. Located inside is the Gyeongpodaebu, which was written by Yul-Gok when he was only 10 years old. It writes about the slow and leisurely movement of the heavens, making it even more distant, and the clear, bright moon shimmering in the darkness. There is also a poem written by Suk-Jong (1095~1105), the 15th king of the Goryeo Dynasty, and many other literary records and poetry of famous artists like Ha-Mang Jo’s (1682~1747) Sangryangmun.
In the Geyongpodae area there are 12 other Pavilions, including Geumnanjeong, Gyeonghojeong, Banghaejeong, Haeunjeong. You can enjoy Gyeongpodae, and its place in the surrounding nature, just as you would enjoy seeing artwork at a museum. It is best to visit between March and October.
Hwanseongul Cave
Hwanseongul Cave is the biggest lime stone cave in Korea. Its length is 6.5km and there are fantastic stalagmites, stalactites, about 10 lakes and waterfalls. Some spots of interest include stalactites that look like the Great Wall of China and many other uniquely shaped figures. The mercury inside of cave stands at 12-24℃ in the summer and 8-9℃ in the winter. It takes 30-40 minutes to the entrance and approximately one hour to look around the cave. Keep in mind that the steep slope to the entrance may be difficult for the elderly and children.
You can reach the entrance to the gigantic and cool Hwanseon Cave after passing by the ticket office, a water mill, an oak bark house, a shingle-roofed house, Sinseon (Taoist hermit with miraculous powers) Bridge, and Seonnyeo Waterfall (Moss Waterfall) and climbing 398 stairs. About 448 species of plants grow naturally in and around the cave. From the entrance, a spectacular view is unveiled. The area over the artificial wall on the right side of Manmulsang provides the most ideal habitat for various types of animals, and many different species of creatures are found here. The cave houses magnificent stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars resembling beautiful women, turtle, pot, etc.
Samcheok Ocean Railbike
Samcheok Ocean Railbike is a four-wheeled bike on a 5.4㎞ rail that lies against a splendid backdrop of East Sea. Along the rail are Gungchon and Yonghwa Stations as rest stops, an observatory lounge, an ocean tunnel, and many more attractions. Since each bike has safety installations (double breaks, safety bars, etc.), it can be enjoyed by the whole family.
Ocean Rail Bike runs along a 5.4km-long double track, allowing visitors to enjoy pine tree forests, spectacular scenery of strange rocks and bizarre stones, and breathtaking scenic views of the East Sea. Experience a wonderful underwater world as you ride through the marine tunnel with the fantastic laser light show and luminaries unfolding before your eyes. With its beautiful design and environment-friendly features, the Ocean Rail Bike offers the best opportunity for families, friends, and couples to have fun amid the beautiful natural scenery of Samcheok.
Jeongdongjin Beach
Located in Gangneung, Gangwon-do, Jeongdongjin is a picturesque area with a quaint, little railway station standing alongside the sandy beach. Although long since a favorite spot among the locals, the area gained widespread popularity after being chosen as the filming location for the popular soap opera Moraeshigae (Hourglass) and has since become a favorite haunt for drama lovers on the weekends.
The combination of the area’s railroad station, beach, and groves of pine trees, makes Jeongdongjin a very peaceful and romantic mini getaway. The highlight of the Jeongdongjin tour, however, is the sunrise. The early morning sun reaching out over the ocean and outlining the dewy silhouettes of the station and surrounding pines is a sight that is straight out of a fairy tale. During the New Year, Jeongdongjin Sunrise Park is the location of the Sunrise Festival and the ceremonial ‘turning of the hourglass,’ signifying the changing year.