TOUR - 8 : Palace & Insadong Afternoon Tour
13:00 ~ 17:30
Available Every day

KRW 38,000 p/p (min. 2 person)
KRW 35,000 p/p (more than 5 person)

Child (age 4~10) : KRW 26,000 p/p

Tour guide, Transportation, Admission fee
Hotel - Changdeokgung Palace - Insadong Antique Alley - Amethysts Center - Namdaemun -
- Namdaemun Market - Hotel
** Changdeokgung is closed on Mondays - instead, we go to Hanok Village
Information of Tourist Attraction
Changdeokgung Palace
Changdeokgung is a palace of Joseon dynasty, which was built by king Taejong, 1405. It is famous for its beautiful feature. It was damaged by the Japanese invasion in 1592, but king Injo rebuilt it to have original shape. It is recorded as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1997 for having its beautiful appearance of that time. The Secret Garden, built in king Taejong's reign, was a place where kings and royal families took rest. The garden has its original beauty, with a small mountain and valleys as one of the best garden in Korea.

Insa-dong, located near Gyeongbok palace in the heart of the city, is an important place where old but precious and traditional goods are on display. There is one main road in Insa-dong with alleys on each side. Within these alleys are galleries, traditional restaurants, traditional teahouses, and cafes.

The galleries are the heartbeat of Insa-dong. There are about 100 galleries in the area and you can see every example of traditional Korean fine art from paintings to sculptures.

The teahouses and restaurants are the perfect complement to the galleries. At first they might be hard to find, but if you take the time to stroll around the twisting alleyways, the window shopping in itself can be very entertaining.

The shops in Insa-dong are very popular among all age groups, because each one is unique. There are traditional performances and exhibits as well.

Insa-dong is especially popular with foreign tourists. This is where they can experience and see traditional Korean culture firsthand, and also purchase pieces of fine art. On the street you can see many foreigners lost in all the joyous festivities of the street.Insadong is a place of traditional culture.

Namdaemun & Namdaemun Market
Soongryemun (Namdaemun) is a main gate of former Seoul fortress in Joseon dynasty. It is commonly called as Namdaemun. The gate was built in 1396, in King Taejo's reign. And it was reconstructed in 1447 by king Sejong and in 1479 by king Seongjong. In 2006 the Seoul city opened the passage to the gate to public. The gate is now listed as Korea's national treasure #1. But in February 10th 2008, the gate was all burnt away by arsonist and the wooden gate was all burnt away by that accident. The Cultural Heritage Administration has announced to rebuild the gate similarly to its original appearance. The rebuilding was done by early in 2013.