TOUR - 25 : Korea House Night Tour

Session 1 : 17:00~20:00 (Dinner - Performance)

Session 2 : 19:00~22:00 (Dinner - Performance)


Available Every day

(Except 3rd Monday of every month)

* Full Course Dinner
KRW 145,000 p/p (min. 2 person)

* Buffet Dinner
KRW 130,000 p/p (min. 2 person)
Tour guide, Transportation, Admission fee, Dinner
Hotel - Korea House - Dinner - Traditional Music & Dance Performance - Hotel

** The most Fabulous and Gorgeous Performance from visitors' review.

** Full Course Dinner only in Summer. (Jun.~Aug.)

** Performance will be 1 time (18:30) before or after dinner in Summer.(Jun.~Aug.)

** Performance takes about 1 hour.

** Reservation is needed in advance.

Information of Tourist Attraction
Korea House

It is divided into the Haerin-gwan (a space for people to get acquainted with each other), the Traditional Theater, and three annex buildings (Munhyang-ru, Nokeum-jeong and heongwu-jeong). At Haerin-gwan, you can enjoy traditional music at Garak-dang and try traditional food at Sohwa-dang. In the square of Garak-dang you can view a traditional wedding (on the weekends) or people playing folk games. Also, at the Traditional Theater, about 156 seats are available, and in the afternoons Human Cultural Assets or members of the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts and the National Corps members present traditional music and dances. Sinayui, Salpuri, Pansori, the Drum Dance and the Bongsan Mask Dance are the most popular programs for foreigners. The programs are all explained in English and Japanese.