TOUR - 20 : Historical Drama Location &
                     Korean Folk Village Tour
09:00 ~ 17:30
Available Every day

KRW 125,000 p/p (min. 3 person)

KRW 110,000 p/p (more than. 5 person)

Child (age 4~10) : KRW 85,000 p/p

* In case of 2 person : KRW 145,000 p/p

Tour guide, Transportation, Admission fee, Lunch
Hotel - MBC Dramia (Historical Drama Location) - Lunch - Korean Folk Village (Korean Traditional Performance) - to Seoul - Korean Ginseng Center / Cosmetic Duty-free Shop - Hotel
** Some performance at Korean Folk Village might be cancelled due to the weather condition.
Information of Tourist Attraction
Yongin MBC Dramia

Yongin MBC Dramia was co-created by MBC and Yongin City in August 2005. Located in Yongcheong-ri, Baekam-myeon, MBC Dramia is an open set having a total area of 29,421㎡. Different from other drama sets, Dramia has been re-created based on historical records and very accurately reflects the structures and culture of ancient times. Dramia has served as the filming location for popular Korean historical dramas such as Jumong, Queen Seon-deok, Isan, Dong Yi.

Korean Folk Village

Korean Folk Village is a full introduction of lives of people in Joseon dynasty. The village is a living museum that shows us lifestyle of several centuries ago. There are potters, weavers, blacksmiths and other artisans who practice their trades in a traditional fashion. Also there are about 270 traditional houses opened to visitors. The village has official's houses, ordinary people's houses, traditional schools, hospitals, and government office. In the Korean Folk Village, lots of historical soap operas were filmed. Also you can enjoy lots of attractions like museum and traditional performances.