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Tour in Seoul/Korea - We're welcoming local overseas tour agency to be partner of SEOULNTOUR


Greeting from Seoulntour


Seoulntour is one of the renowned travel agency, very prosperous company dealing with inbound tourism services, specializing in the fields of City group tour, Incentive, Ski tour, DMZ&JSA tour , Conferences , Sight seeing tours , Meditation tours , Mountain trekking , Domestic tickets …etc. We would like to offer you our special tour rate in addition to our combination programs in many cities and islands all over around Korea.

We are skilled and experienced professionals and operating a variety of city tour, incentive, conference, and corporate group tours with utmost services. Seoulntour as a trustful travel agency, consists of qualified and experienced staffs who are dedicated to their work and always ready to provide the best services to clients.

For the last 4~5 years many of our clients have come from your country as Korea became one of the best place for traveling and holidays. Seoulntour will be able to offer your high quality services for your customers who will visit Korea.

Seoulntour is hoping that we could co-operate with your estimated company and would be pleased if you consider our willingness to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationship.

Please do not hesitate to check our web site and contact us if you need further information.

Looking forward to hearing from you with great interest.


 Tours by Season

*Spring/Summer/Autumn (Mid-March through Mid-December)
*Winter (Mid-December through Mid-March)

Local Travel agency for making groups of customers!
SeoulnTour Co.,Ltd. for Tours in Korea/Seoul!
▶Local tour agency : Making groups of customers & boarding pass
▶SeoulnTour : Progress of tours in Seoul/Korea (Accommodation/Guide/Vehicle/Meals)
   - Provide group tour with good programs, considering customers' itinerary.
   - Provide reasonable price.
   - Provide service with high-quality.
   - Group tours start with minimum of 6 people group.
   - Quick, reliable preparation (please ask us at least 1 week before the tour)
   - Lots of professional staffs are waiting (having friendship with tour sites)
   - Kind guide, Variety of new vehicles, Reliable driver

 Company Introduction

SeoulnTour Co., Ltd.
   - Specialist in daily city tour in Seoul/Korea for foreign visitors.
   - Travel agency providing total service that visitors want.
   - Professional in planning private group tours.

 Process of tours

Step 1. (done by local travel agency) - Asking for estimate (tour itinerary/ size of group/ tour date)
Step 2. - Estimate price: per person or grand total
Step 3. - After reservation is done, adjusting itinerary as customers want & exchanging ideas
Step 4. - Designating tour guide suitable for the group, vehicle, and overall review.
Step 5. - Final confirm: Giving voucher card containing every route and prices
Step 6. - Safety education for guide (for safe trip)
Step 7. - Going on a tour: for best enjoyment and educational trip
Step 8. - Sending to airport: until visitors board the plane - safe till the end
Step 9. - Report to local travel agency.


- All the itinerary scheduled are done.
  (But the tour schedule might be changed due to local conditions)
- 2 meals are provided each day (lunch&Dinner) About 10,000 KRW will be for each meal.
  (If you are vegetarian or muslim, or need any special meals, it can be provided.
  Breakfast will be provided at accommodation)
- We are preparing general medicines for emergency.
- Specialized tour programs meeting the purpose of tour and
  the cultural backgrounds of the visitors can be provided.

There are differences in prices to accommodations.
Accommodations: Hotel, Hostel, Guesthouse, Traditional Hanok

* We are waiting for contact of local foreign travel agencies planning a tour on Seoul/Korea.